Asthma Case Management Program

Dramatic levels of asthma triggers are prevalent in the home environment of a low-income child including dust, mold, pet dander, secondhand smoke, dust mites and roaches. Whether an individual resides in a home, apartment or housing project- the primary cause of asthma is poor indoor air quality. As a result of an increased incidence of these triggers, low-income children suffer a greater burden from asthma and at much higher rates. In response to this elevated risk, Child Health Investment Partnership Registered Nurses provide monthly home visits throughout the program enrollment that are designed to complement the care an asthmatic child receives through his/her primary care provider or pulmonologist.

In home assessments of asthma triggers, assistance in medication management and asthma education are provided for enrolled children and their families. Medical records and individual case consultation with a child’s primary care provider or pulmonologist are utilized to obtain information about a child’s asthma profile including environmental triggers, medications, history of attacks, frequency of emergency visits and hospitalizations, and treatment recommendations. Child Health Investment Partnership Registered Nurses receive certification through the American Lung Association Asthma Educator Institute (AEI) to provide the best care possible for these children.