Begin With A Grin Program

Preventive dental care is essential for low-income children who are most at risk for dental caries and long term dental disease. Child Health Investment’s comprehensive approach to oral health begins at each child’s earliest stages in life. Child Health Investment Partnership connects enrolled children to a dental home and applies fluoride varnishes to optimize their oral health. Since 2008, Child Health Investment Partnership has provided over 4,000 dental varnish applications to 3,000 eligible children.

The educational component of Child Health Investment Parntership’s program (based on the Virginia Department of Health’s “Bright Smiles for Babies” curriculum) provides parents with information on proper oral hygiene, nutrition and oral health literacy in an effort to reduce high risk behaviors (pre-chewing food, sharing utensils, putting children to bed with sugary drinks) that lead to Early Childhood Caries. Dental Days are designed to enhance understanding of oral health education and provide dental screenings in a child and family friendly environment.