Lee Hunsaker

Lee Hunsaker is a native Roanoker. After living in Austin, Tx. for 20 years working as a costume designer for film, she returned to the valley in 2012 to raise her son and to be close to extended family. Her circuitous path led her back to her love of creative writing and story sharing and through that rediscovery, she created Hoot and Holler Stories, Roanokeā€™s only live storytelling platform. The mission of Hoot and Holler is to ensure that ALL people are given a safe and supportive platform to share their personal stories. Her role as curator is to guide and nurture each storyteller so that they feel that their voice is one that is valued and worthy of being heard.

Why CHIP? The mission of CHIP is one that speaks to me on a deeply personal level. I am a champion for those who have often felt voiceless in their lives. The cycles of poverty, racism, lack of adequate healthcare and housing, mental illness, substance abuse, and diminished educational resources, can create shame and trauma and are barriers to speaking up and seeking help.  I believe it is a basic human right to be treated with dignity and fairness and for families who struggle with the above issues, the world can feel like it has conspired to be a thief of comfort, health, and wellness. Undoubtedly the services that CHIP provides save lives. On a deeper level though, CHIP models compassion and fosters trust in a system where one can feel overwhelmed and invisible. CHIP empowers without judgement or bias. In my mind, there can be no worthier organization to align with.