During the 2016 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016), our staff conducted 5,737 home visits with 997 children from 708 families.


  • 23% of parents with less then a high school degree or GED at enrollment obtained their GED or high school diploma while participating in our services.
  • 27% of parents who have obtained a high school diploma or GED have improved their education status through vocational training, college or other institutions of higher education.
  • 100% of enrolled children who were discharged by Kindergarten Entry by 9/30 were prepared (had required documentation) to enter kindergarten.
  • 84% of enrolled children who took the 5 year ASQ during the timeframe scored at or above the standard developmental milestones in each area as measured by the Ages and Stages questionnaire.


  • 97% of all program participants were insured access to a medical home.
  • 80% of all program participants were insured access to a dental home.
  • 95% of all newly enrolled children were assessed for developmental delays within 3 months of enrollment.
  • 85% of families with enrolled children age birth to five received nutritional counseling through WIC.
  • 66% of all enrolled children had an initial dental exam by age three.
  • 62% of all children who used the emergency room showed a reduction in ER visits at annual recertification.
  • 93% of children turning 2 during the timeframe received the recommended number of immunizations by the age of 2.
  • 97% of children completed their immunization series by age 6 or kindergarten-entry.
  • 100% of enrolled children were up-to-date on recommended well-baby visits.
  • 60% of children age 3 and over received regular dental care.


  • 160  children received asthma case management services during timeframe.
  • 389  assessments were completed throughout the previous year. avg # of visits – 9
  • 74%  of assessments with asthma symptoms were classified as well controlled.
  • 78%  of assessments with minimal rescue inhaler use were classified as well controlled (<=2 days/week).
  • 78%  of assessments with minimal night awakening related to asthma symptoms were reported and classified as well controlled (< 1x/month).
  • 76% of assessments reported that the child had no interference with normal activity and were classified as well controlled.
  • 28 children missed school due to asthma symptoms.
  • 20 parents (guardians) missed work or changed plans due to asthma symptoms.
  • 76 children had a current asthma action plan.


  • 90% of children who turned 37 months during the timeframe received at least one dental varnish application before turning 37 months.
  • CHIP nurses applied 382 dental varnish treatments to 285 children during the timeframe.
  • 100% of families with children participating in the Begin With A Grin program received in-home dental education using the Virginia Department of Health’s Bright Smiles for Babies curriculum.


  • 100% of enrolled women were 90% up-to-date on recommended prenatal visits.
  • 64% of enrolled women who smoked, quit smoking during pregnancy.
  • 53% of enrolled women breastfed their babies for the first two months postpartum.
  • 90% of enrolled women were enrolled in WIC for supplemental nutrition and counseling during pregnancy.


  • 65% of outpatient clients attended 75% of scheduled counseling sessions.
  • 100% of caregivers reported that their child’s problems had improved since starting counseling services.
  • 100% of caregivers showed a reduction in presenting problematic symptoms, as scored by the relevant DSM-5 Level 2 Cross-Cutting Symptom Measure.

CHIP Logic Model 2017