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Become a part of CHIP and help us fulfill our mission of providing services to families and children in need...
Explore potential opportunities available for your family through CHIP. Families who are eligible for CHIP services: Live in the Virginia...
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Facilitating better health care for expectant mothers and their babies in order to give children...
Registered Nurses provide monthly home visits throughout the program enrollment that are designed to complement...
Connecting caretakers and their children at enrollment with doctors, specialists, pediatric dentists and a counselor....
Empowering the caretakers of CHIP enrolled children living in poverty creates confident parents who act...
Children benefit from a therapeutic play space and receive play therapies. Family sessions promote healthy...
Allowing children to participate in oral health education and receive dental screenings. Learn more about CHIP's begin...

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93 percent Up-to-date Vaccinations
84 percent developmental readiness
90 percent up-to-date on Prenatal visits
90 percent of children received one dental cleaning

Child Health Investment Partnership

What We Do

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  • What Does Child Health Investment Partnership Do?

    Child Health Investment Partnership promotes the health of medically underserved children by ensuring comprehensive health care, strengthening families and coordinating community resources.

  • What Area Does Child Health Investment Partnership Serve?

    Our service area includes urban, suburban and rural populations and encompasses the Virginia cities of Roanoke and Salem as well as the counties of Roanoke, Botetourt, and Craig.

  • What Services Does Child Health Investment Partnership Provide?
    • Nutrition Education
    • Kindergarten Readiness
    • Counseling & Play Therapy
    • Health Literacy & Education
    • Transportation to Doctor’s Appointments
    • Services provided in comfort of the child’s home
  • Testimonial

    • I was sent a letter on saying "thank you" for my donation via the United Way.  I wanted to write back to respond to this with, No. THANK YOU!  I had CHIP services for nearly eight years, and my children were better for it.  I felt more educated on the medical systems and was always treated more as a friend than a client.  I am absolutely overjoyed to be in a position where I can give back to this organization and help other families like mine.  CHIP was always supportive in my community and I hope to keep them around…
      Former CHIP Family
    • When our son passed away we got custody of our grandchildren.  CHIP was right there to help us make this transition from grandparents to primary caregivers.  They have been so helpful in their visits to make sure that we are all adjusting and doing well and are always there to help.  They are so supportive.  
      Grandparents as Parents
    • CHIP was by my side when I was pregnant and after Eleanor was born and has been so important to both of us. They are like a life line for me and I feel secure and safe knowing that they are just a phone call away. I am not sure I could have done it without them.  
      New Mom
    • I am new to this country and CHIP has helped me figure out all of the services and help available for my special needs child and my family.  We are so grateful.
      New to the Roanoke Valley

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