During the 2019 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019), CHIP staff conducted 4,954 home visits with 722 children from 471 families.


  • 20 of 38 or 52% of CHIP enrolled pregnant mothers had a prenatal care visit in the first trimester.
  • 20 of 38 or 53% of CHIP enrolled pregnant mothers who delivered had a postpartum visit between 21 and 56 days after delivery.
  • 37 of 38 or 97% of CHIP enrolled mothers with deliveries of live births who received a behavioral health screening risk assessment as part of prenatal services that includes the following screenings: depression screening, alcohol use screening, tobacco use screening, drug use screening (illicit and prescription, over the counter) and intimate partner violence screening.
  • 20 of 34 or 59% of CHIP enrolled postpartum mothers self-reported that they were breastfeeding at their first postpartum visit.
  • 2 of 8 or 25% of CHIP enrolled moms who quit smoking during pregnancy.


  • 25 of 148 or 17% of parents with less than a high school degree or GED at enrollment obtained their GED or high school diploma while participating in our services.
  • 14 of 260 or 5% of parents who have obtained a high school diploma or GED have improved their education status through vocational training, college or other institutions of higher education.
  • 29 of 39 or 74% of enrolled children who turned five by 9/30 scored at or above the standard developmental milestones in each area as measured by the ages and stages questionnaire.
  • 18 of 60 or 30% of enrolled children who turned five by 9/30 had the required documentation to enter Kindergarten.


  • 538 of 708 or 76% of enrolled children were ensured access to a medical home. 
  • 81 of 87 or 93% of children turning 2 received the recommended number of immunizations by the age of 2.
  • 56 or 60 or 92% of children completed their immunization series by age 6 or kindergarten-entry.
  • 58 of 88 or 66% of infants enrolled before 15 months received 6 well child visits within the first 15 months of life.
  • 215 of 268 or 80% of enrolled children ages 3-6 received at least one comprehensive well care visit per year.
  • 172 of 264 or 65% of enrolled children received at least one dental exam during the year.
  • 83 of 87 or 95% of enrolled children at age 2 were screened for lead at least once on or before their second birthday.


  • 119 children received asthma and respiratory monitoring case management services.
  • 257 of 364 or 71% of Asthma Assessments reported use of the rescue inhaler was less than 2 days per week.
  • 94 of 113 or 83% of asthma case managed children received asthma or respiratory education.
  • 49 of 55 or 89% of asthma case managed children had an asthma action plan.


  • 47 enrolled children received two dental varnish applications before turning 37 months.
  • 98 dental varnishes were given by a CHIP Community Health Nurse.
  • 304 families received in-home dental education.


  • 65% of outpatient clients attended scheduled counseling sessions.
  • 34 adults and 12 children received mental health counseling services with an average of 6.8 visits.


  • CHIP provided 375 transports during the year to improve access to medical, dental and counseling appointments.